ADHD and Alcoholism

Opening Up About ADHD and Alcoholism

A few years ago I wrote a letter to a friend concerning my feelings about handling his drinking after his ADHD diagnoses. A month or so later, with his permission, I posted the letter on my blog at Recently due to a link in a post of mine “Dr. Lost and Mr. Hide” a month ago, I discovered that there had been a flurry of recent comments on the letter that I found moving. It’s a subject that I take for granted in my life now, but now I think the emotional toll brought on by the difficulties of wrestling with both of these conditions simultaneously deserves another look.

I’ll be jumping into the tangle of Alcohol and ADHD again and in more depth here at read, write, rattle, but first, above is the original post with all the back and forth comments that sort of re-inspired me as well.



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