ADHD Hypomanic Alcoholic SOB – The Song


CLICK BELOW to hear this song, “ADHD HypoManic Alcoholic SOB, written by me, Aaron Raitiere, and Colin Raitiere and recorded by Aaron in Nashville December 12th 2012.

I’m posting this again as a kind of celebration of my 14 year sobriety anniversary this month.




Aaron Raitiere is one talented SOB – that’s him on the right with the guitar, listening to me blather on.

Aaron’s on Facebook with a bunch of info on performance dates, and links to his music:

6 thoughts on “ADHD Hypomanic Alcoholic SOB – The Song

  1. Great song but even greater your 14 years of sobriety. Congratulations and may your strength continue on the road of sobriety you and the family deserve it. Best to you always Aggie

    • Thank you, Aggie. Best to you as well. It’s so gratifying to me that we’re still in touch. Thanks again. – F.

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