My Dad, Dr. Frank E. South Jr.

My Dad, Dr. Frank E. South Jr.

A year ago today, in the early hours of March 4, 2013, my dad died at home, at peace, with his life-long sweetheart, my mom Bernadeane at his side. He was a strong, funny, intimidatingly intelligent, self-deprecating, demanding, critical, and profoundly loving man….

Sung’s Ride – a short story

Sung was going to die. He was sure of it. September can be murderously hot in Waikiki, especially if you’re locked inside a parked black Explorer baking in the afternoon sun. Each fading breath burned his throat. But worse, his…

Since I Lost My Baby – a short story

“Since I Lost My Baby”  by Frank South “I’m going to get another one of these blue drinks. What are they called again?” She stood up and brushed some sand from the back of her calves.  I looked up.  The…

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